Blender or Juicer Review-Which One Do You Need and Why


If you look up either blender or juicer you will find many models for each one. The decision is hard. The question is do I need a blender or do I need a juicer. A blender can be a multi-purpose gadget but the juicer cannot.

When looking, you will also find that the prices range from very expensive to considerably cheaper. Some blenders will come with attachments and others won’t. Maybe I can leave you with a little insight to what makes them different.

The dictionary definition of a blender:

An electric culinary grinding and mixing appliance, consisting of a container with propeller like blades at the bottom that are whirled by a high-speed motor to purée, chop, or mix foods.

What does this mean ?

It means that a blender is usually designed for food preparation and will not do anything other than what it says,purée, chop, or mix foods. This was true in the beginning but over time they have evolved. You can still buy a simple blender that will do what the dictionary says but it doesn’t stop there.

There are high-powered blenders that can do just about anything you want it to, including crushing ice and frozen fruit. These blenders can also be used as juicers.

The dictionary definition of a juicer

An appliance for extracting juice from fruit and vegetables.

What does this mean?

It means that basically a juicer can be used to make juices by extracting the juices from fruit and vegetables and separating the pulp from the juice to make healthy drinks. A juicer cannot really be used for other things.

Juicing makes the fruit and vegetables into liquid and a more enjoyable drunk because you get non of the pulp. Some experts believe you should have the pulp as our bodies need the fiber.

They do have some that are high-powered enough to crush ice in your mixture.


Deciding which one, do I need a blender?

Before buying a blender or juicer, you need to decide if you only want to make healthy drinks from fresh fruits and vegetables or do you want to have a blender that can also be a juicer.

Price may be a factor in your decision as blenders/juicers can be more expensive. If you only want a blender for helping to prepare food for a meal you can find one at a reasonable price that will serve you well.

Blending is the process of using fruits and vegetables to make a healthy drink. The fruit and vegetables are put into the bender and completely blended until they are of a thick consistency, usually called a smoothie. With a blender you get all the nutrients from the ingredients. Some experts believe this is better for you because of the pulp in the drink.

If you want a blender that will crush ice, chop nuts, and nearly everything else, you will find those that have up to 1200 watts of power, which means it is pretty powerful. Some will come with a food processor attachment and an attachment to become a juicer. These type of blenders will be more expensive but will do more. The cleanup of a blender is more difficult as you have to be very careful as the blades are very sharp.

Deciding Which One, Do I need a Juicer?

Juicers are great for making the fresh healthy drinks so many people are drinking today. The biggest difference between a blender or juicer is what they can do. A juicer is excellent for making a healthy drink, but the cleanup can be a process as there are several parts to clean and the tiny teeth in the extractor can make it difficult to get the pulp out. Many people who have purchased the juicer end up not juicing because of the cleanup.

There are several brands of juicers on the market. If you plan to use it often, I would suggest you invest a little more and get a better one. The old saying, you get what you pay for will apply here.

People are juicing today because it is a healthier lifestyle. There are many books on the benefits of juicing.

The conclusion

Today we are all trying to live healthier lifestyles for longer and healthier lives. Smoothies and Juices are becoming more and more popular, In order to do either, you have to either have a blender or juicer. The one you decide on will be a matter of choice.

The blender can do other things and you can buy them with juicer attachments. Juicers are used for juicing. If you only want to make healthy juices, then a juicer will work very well for you. If you want a gadget that can do multiple duties, you will be happier with a blender.

Blenders can have a lot of extras, but if you are not going to need them, it is better to buy a simpler, less expensive one.

Remember, when you make your purchase, choose the gadget that will serve your needs the best. Take into consideration all the pros and cons of each and then make a decision.

A little Bonus

Blackberry and Yogurt Breakfast Smoothie

2 Servings

Prep time 10 mins

1 banana

2 cups (packed) spinach leaves

1 cup frozen blackberries

1 cup nonfat yogurt

1/2 cup fresh orange juice

1 teaspoon finely grated peeled ginger

1 teaspoon honey or light agave syrup (nectar)

Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Divide between glasses; serve immediately.

Simple but very healthy

This is a smoothie so a blender is needed.

Thanks for reading my article. Enjoy either a blender or juicer, they are both great kitchen gadgets.

Comments and questions are welcomed and appreciated. If you have a question, I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Unique Kitchen Tools and Gadgets Review-useful gadgets you won’t find in all kitchens

There are a lot of unique kitchen tools and gadgets on the market that you won’t see in every kitchen. Some are just for fun but a lot of them are useful and can help with preparing a meal.

I imagine a lot of you are like me and like the ones that are useful. I have found some that I think are unique but could be handy to have. Anytime we can find a tool or gadget that will improve the way we cook, it is a good thing. We spend a lot of time preparing food for our families and sometimes just for our self.

Some of these unique tools and gadgets that I have listed below can make cooking easier and more fun. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do.


Kitchen Gismo Strainer-This strainer is unique because you can attach it to a pot or pan. Because it is made of silicone, it is flexible and wraps around the pot easily. It can also be used on bowls. It will snap on therefore it will not allow the food to spell out of the bowl or pot. The silicone is FDA approve making it completely safe to use. Clean up is easy because it is dishwasher safe.

Herb Stripper-This hand held stripper is unique because of the heart shape. It is cute but functional. Today more and more people are using fresh herbs in their meals. This stripper has five hole sizes so you can determine which size is needed for your food, not a one size fits all. It is made of stainless steel, therefore it won’t bend or break.

Pulled Pork Shredder-These “claws” are good to pull the meat out of the cooker and then shred the meat for serving. If you are from the south, you know that pulled pork is a very popular dish. These “claws” can be used for other meats as well. They are very sharp so handle with care. The shredder is heat-resistant and dishwasher safe

Smartphone Recipe Holder-This unique gadget will be loved by anyone who looks up recipes online. It is comparable with tablets, readers and smartphones. The angle will allow you to read your recipes easily. It can be stored in a drawer or hung on a hook. This is one of the most useful unique kitchen tools and gadgets that I have found. Perfect gift for someone you know that gets their recipes online.

Instant Read Meat Thermometer-The instant read thermometer will give an accurate reading in approximately 2-5 second. The numbers are larger than most thermometers. The probe flips under to protect it and keeps you from jabbing yourself. There is a back light for easy reading of the digital numbers. This thermometer is excellent for oven cooking or cooking on the grill. You will find this is very versatile, handy kitchen tool or gadget to have.

Kitchen Knives with Unique Holder-These knives are high quality knives but that isn’t what makes them unique. There are 13 kitchen knives,6 steak knives, a sharpener, vegetable peeler, kitchen scissors plus a pizza knife. The uniqueness comes from the holder they are in. It is clear acrylic and a semi-circular shape which is not the ordinary block. The would look great in any kitchen.

Star Wars R2D2 Measuring Cups and Spoons Set-

This set of measuring cups and spoons is a unique kitchen tool and gadget set. The body is the measuring cups and the arms detach to become the measuring spoons. If you have children they will love this or maybe you are a Star Wars fan. This product is made from food grade ABS plastic and is BPA free therefore it is safe to use for cooking. The Star Wars measuring cup set is officially licensed by Lucasfilm. This item is not microwavable nor are they dishwasher safe. It will require hand washing which makes a little more work. The fact that it is Star Wars makes it unique and fun to have.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that all of these unique kitchen tools and gadgets are useful but different. You will probably not see them in the kitchen of your friends and family. The idea behind unique tools and gadgets are they are fun and different. I have only listed a few of them that I thought you might enjoy learning about. If you had a catalog of just unique tools and gadgets, I am sure it would be fairly large, so what you see here is just a small number. I could fill several pages but I don’t want anyone to get to bored. My reason for doing this is that I love the gadgets and tools and learning about what they are and what they do. There are a lot of nonsense items on the market that are just a waste of money. I hope that my article is of interest and that it is helpful if you are looking for something different.

Enjoy Cooking and most of all Be Happy.

If you like my article or if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment. If you have a question I will get back to you as soon as I can.



Electric Kitchen Gadgets Review-How useful are they

There are many, many electric kitchen gadgets on the market today. I have some that are wonderful and I have some are taking up space in the cupboard. I will not be able to cover all of them, there so many, but I will try to cover some of the good ones.

The Common Electric Gadgets

The most common electric kitchen gadgets such as toaster, electric coffee pot and electric can opener, are manufactured by many companies. They come in many colors and styles. When purchasing these items, you should look for the product that will fill your needs.

The color choice can be a factor if you are coordinating everything in you kitchen. The market today has just about any color in any item you could want.

When choosing the gadget, also known as small appliance, you have several options as to price. The cheap ones will most likely be good for a while but will not last as long as the ones that are a little more expensive. There are of course, the very expensive ones which may or may not be worth the extra cost. I have found that you can find good quality at a lesser price but you need to be careful, Do some research.

When buying an electric gadget, research is usually a good way to tell the quality of what you are buying. Read reviews about the product and learn what other buyers say about the product. An informed buyer is usually a happier buyer.

Useful Electric Gadgets

If you purchased every electric kitchen gadgets that is available, chances are your kitchen wouldn’t hold all of them. There are some that will be very useful when preparing your meal but some not so much.

An Instant Pot is the modern version of a pressure cooker but it is a lot more than just a pressure cooker. It can be used as a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer and much more.

There are different models to choose from and a range of prices. The instant pot comes in 5/6/8 quart sizes, you will need to decide which size you need. Most of the Pots come in stainless steel, which is very durable and easy to clean.

An Air Fryer is an alternative to deep frying in oil. This also comes in different models and from different manufacturers.

This fryer uses much less oil and is considered to be a much healthier why to fry things such as french fries, of course this is not the only food you can cook with it.

There have been people who think the food is dry and does not have much flavor so check out the reviews before you buy.

Before you purchase an air fryer, check you kitchen outlets to be sure the have enough wattage to handle the fryer. They need 800-2100 watts of power. I can’t tell you how to tell, but I am sure you will be able to find the answer on the internet.

Electric Stand Mixer-A standing mixer is a great tool if you are a baker. They can do several things that a hand mixer cannot, because of the power.

It is also great because you do not have to hold it in your hand, although a hand mixer is an essential kitchen gadget to have.

The are manufactured by several companies and vary in price. Each manufacturer has different features to offer. Check out the features before you buy because you may not get what you need and you may get things you don,t need.

Color can be a factor in choosing your mixer but I am sure you can find the color with the features you want. I love mine when making cookies that have a heavier consistency.

Sandwich Maker- There is nothing better than a warm sandwich that you make yourself. An electric sandwich maker will allow you to do this at your convenience without a lot of fuss.

Like every other electric kitchen gadget, there are many choices in sandwich makers. One thing to consider, do you want to make a single sandwich or more than one? They do come in single or double.

The sandwich maker can also be used as a waffle maker or can be used as an indoor grill. This is a benefit because it will eliminate another gadget or two.

When choosing your sandwich maker do some research to find the one you feel will serve your purpose.

The Truth about Electric Gadgets

We are living very busy lives today. Anything we can find to use as a time saver is a blessing.

Electric kitchen gadgets will do that. As with everything, there are the ones we need and the ones we want to have. There are so many options it is hard to know what to buy and what not to.

Spend some time looking at the options and decide what you want or need. Choose what you need and then what you want.

There is a gadget for about everything today but some of them are just a waste of your money and will not make your life any easier. With the internet you can easily learn what other people think of a product before you buy it. Research is a good idea.

You will be able to find quality products for most any budgets.


Electric kitchen gadgets are wonderful. They save us time and money.

If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment on the contents of the article please feel free to do so.

Enjoy cooking, have fun and be happy.




Kitchen Gadgets Include Kitchen knives Review-what are the choices

Kitchen gadgets include knives. There are many choices so in this article I are going to give you some options and things to look for. Kitchen knives will be a very important part of preparing your meal. There are many materials used in the creation of knives. I will give you an idea as to some of these materials to help you make


Ceramic is a very hard material, it is zirconium oxide. It is harder than stainless steel or carbon steel, which are also used to make kitchen knives.

Ceramic used in knife making is very different from the ceramic used to make dishes. It is much harder and more durable, which means it will not break. Unfortunately it will chip if dropped. When ceramic is chipped, it will no longer be of use and needs to be replaced.

Ceramic makes a good knife as they can be very sharp. They will stay sharp for a long time but when they become dull, you cannot sharpen them. It takes a professional to properly sharpen the knife. Fortunately the manufactures will sharpen them for free. It will be an inconvenience to return your kitchen knife to be sharpened but well worth it.

Since ceramic is very sharp, it is great for slicing. It can be used as an all-purpose knife but cannot be used to cut anything that is hard such as frozen food. It will ruin your knife. Clean up is easy because it is a smooth surface and food doesn’t stick to it. Also, it will not absorb odor such as onions as it is not porous.

Ceramic can be a very expensive purchase but if properly cared for it will last a very long time.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel knives are very popular. Stainless steel is a high carbon-low chromium material that is known for toughness and strength.j

Stainless steel has proven to hold up over time. It is will hold a sharp edge for a long time. Unlike ceramic, you can sharpen stainless yourself with the proper tools. I would suggest you practice on something other than a good knife before you actually sharpen your stainless steel.

You will find stainless steel knives are made in many countries plus the USA. I would suggest researching some of these companies before deciding what to buy. Prices will vary with each manufacturer.

Clean up of stainless will be easier and will be unlikely to corrode is used properly. They can be considered dishwasher safe but it is not recommended.

Stainless steel blades are very sharp and can be used for slicing, dicing, chopping, and nearly every preparation job you might have. Since they are strong they are less likely to break or chip if dropped.

Carbon steel

Carbon steel is a harder steel than stainless. It has less chromium so it can rust. Clean up needs to be very thorough. After cleaning, the knife needs to be completely dry and stored where there is no moisture. The fact they rust maybe a downfall for some people.

Carbon steel will hold a sharp edge for a long time. They will be easier to sharpen than either stainless or ceramic.

Like stainless, carbon will not break when dropped. We all try not to drop our tools but accidents do happen. Dropping them can cause the blade to shift and therefore not cut properly.

There are many manufactures that use carbon steel to make their kitchen knives so research will help you decide what company has what you want.

Carbon steel kitchen knives will be less expensive but They are a good value for the money. They will need a little extra loving care so they will not rust. They too will last longer if not put in the dishwasher even if they say dishwasher save. Proper care of any knife will increase the life of the tool


The conclusion

This article is to inform you that there are choices when choosing your kitchen knives. You can buy them in sets or in singles. Ceramic is a good choice for someone with a little more experience using a knife as it will tend to be very sharp. Cost may also be a factor when choosing a ceramic kitchen knife.

Stainless steel is a good choice because they will hold up over time with proper care. Stainless steel is strong and will give you years of service with the proper care. Again, cost may be a factor as a good stainless steel knife is a little pricey.

Carbon steel is a much harder substance than stainless steel but it can rust. If not properly cared for. It needs to be clean and dry. Carbon steels knives are a little less expensive than stainless steel because of the alloying elements in stainless steel.

The bottom line comes down to what you want your kitchen knife to do and what your budget will allow you to do.

Choose wisely and your knives will last a very long time and make preparing your meal more fun.

Please feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions that you may have. Feedback is always appreciated.




Must have kitchen gadgets-setting up your kitchen

Helpful hints for the must have kitchen gadgets that will make cooking more efficient and more fun.

Gadgets can save you money as they make cooking more efficient. There are gadgets that we really must have to start a kitchen and there are gadgets that just make cooking fun.

Some of you will be able to spend more money on setting up your kitchen than others but you will find there are gadgets for every budget. You don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy cooking. The important thing is to enjoy what you have. Be happy.

Let’s start setting up the kitchen

First of all, set up a budget because you can very easily spend more money than you intended.

Once your budget is in place start with the items that are necessary.

You will have to have cookware (pots & pans). These are items that can break your budget if you are not careful. Choose the ones that will fit your needs.

Next on the list is tableware. This includes plates and flatware. The cookware come in many pretty colors and so does tableware. Everything can be one color or if you wish, you can mix and match. Flatware, (knives & forks) can also be matched. If you are not into color, you can still go for white.

We can’t forget glassware. If you have children I suggest you find pretty plastic ware, which is durable (saves broken glasses) and you can find colors to match everything else.

There are many choices today that can brighten our kitchens. Let’s have fun with this and most of all be happy.

Must have gadgets

There are tons of gadgets for the kitchen. A lot of them are really necessary for an efficient kitchen but a lot of them are not. Today I am going to list the ones that I think are necessary.

  • A spatula is good for many things. You can use it as a turner when frying food such as eggs. It can be used as a server for cake or pie. I believe it is one off the most versatile gadgets in my kitchen. It a good idea to have silicone or coated gadgets as most of your pans will be non-stick.
  • Slotted spoon is excellent for dipping items removing something from boiling water. It is also good for stirring.
  • Solid spoon is an all-purpose gadget good for any stirring project or can be used as a serving spoon. I have different sizes because pots and pans and bowls are not all the same size.
  • Whisk is good for whipping just about anything. They come in different sizes but a medium size will work for most projects.
  • Oven mitt- there are different ones but make sure it is not going to burn through.
  • Kitchen shears-make sure you get a good grade (they are not really expensive) because you will find you use them a lot.
  • Manuel Can opener- even if you have an electric one- there is always the possibility of a power outage. ( I live in Florida)
  • Several sizes of knives-There are not many projects in a kitchen that do not require a knife. Since every project is different it takes knives of different sizes.
  • Measuring cup- you will be surprised how many times you use it. Most recipes have ingredients that have to be measured. They also come in many colors. Some people prefer glass but they do come in metal and plastic. Your preference is what you need to purchase.
  • Measuring spoons are necessary the same as measuring cups. They also come in all the colors. Again metal, glass or plastic, which ever one is your personal preference.
  • Mixing bowls are something that you need to have, They are multipurpose bowls. They can be used for mixing and also for serving. You can find them in all the color if you buy the durable plastic one. They come in glass also but they will probably be clear but that will work with your colors.
  • Electric hand held mixer-you will find that even if you have a stand mixer, you will need to have a hand held one for the convenience. The small jobs are much easier with type of mixer.
  • Cheese grater-this is basically an all-purpose grater but it is called a cheese grater, You can grate anything that you need to.
  • Toaster-even tho this is not really a gadget, a toaster is a necessary item for the kitchen. They also come in many sizes and colors so it really personal preference.

Most of these items come in a variety of color and prices. Research is you answer. Find the one that you will give you the most benefit. This covers the basics so you can get started.

Have fun and enjoy cooking, it can be fun to see what you create.

Expanding beyond the must have.

There are many, many kitchen gadgets that listing them all would be way beyond reality. Here is a list of a few item that will enhance your cooking experience.

  • Blender-a blender is a multi-purpose item. What you decide to buy Is a decision that depends on your needs and your budget. They can be just a juicer or a multi-purpose item.
  • Food processor-There again there are many choices. They are a very handy gadget to have. Decide what you are going to be using it for, them decide which one is your best choice.
  • Deep fryer-A fryer is a useful item if you like fried food. There are also choices, single or double baskets. The choice you make will depend on your need.
  • Microwave-This item comes in many sizes so check them out and decide what works for you.
  • Egg Cooker-if you use boiled eggs often, this is a gadget for you.
  • Instant-pot- This is a versatile cooking concept. The is an electric pot that make cooking faster.
  • Slow cooker- A slow cooker is great for having meals ready when you return home from a busy day. A slow cooker also comes in different sizes and colors.
  • Coffee Maker-if you like just coffee or if you like varsity there is a coffee maker for you.

Just the tip of the iceberg

This article has only touched the tip of the iceberg, there are tons of gadgets, far too many to mention. Enjoy searching for the right item for your needs. Have as much fun with it as I do but if it isn’t fun but has to be done , hopefully this article will help.

I have covered a few of the items I think are needed for the kitchen and some that we think we have to have. Kitchen gadgets can be must have gadgets or the can be helpful item that we buy to make our lives easier.


I hope this information will help you decide what you must have and what we can get over time. I have enjoyed my kitchen gadgets over the years, I have all the necessary gadgets but I have accumulated, over time, many of the gadgets that are just fun to have.

Enjoy cooking. Kitchen gadgets will save you time and money.

The most important thing is Be Happy and enjoy what you are doing.

Feedback is welcome and appreciated.



How To Buy Kitchen Gadgets Review-Suggestions On What To Look For

When you are ready to buy kitchen gadgets, there are so many options that it is best to decide what your needs and yours wants are before you buy. Because there are so many options you may buy something that is not going to fill your needs. I am going to give you ideas of what to look for and what to expect and give you some knowledge how to buy kitchen gadgets that will last a long time.

Buy kitchen gadgets that are durable

Your choices are endless especially when buying small gadgets. The important thing is pricing. You can buy kitchen gadgets priced cheap, which is usually what they are, to a very high price, which can be more than they are worth.
Decide what your budget is. Then start looking at your options. You will probably get a little overwhelmed but narrow your search to the items you want to buy and are in your price range. You always want to get the most for your money so check the quality, what is it made of.
If metal is what you are looking for, is it stainless steel or some other metal that may not hold up as well. There are lots of metals, make sure you know that is going to last.

If you are looking for silicone, make sure it is firm, if it is too flexible, it will probably not hold up. When looking at plastic, make sure it is durable and depending on what you are using it for, check if it is heat-resistant.

Glass items are breakable. If you are going to buy kitchen gadgets that are made of glass, I suggest you check the weight of the item, the heavier it is, the more durable it will be but there again glass will break. When you buy glass ovenware, make sure it is stamped oven proof.

Small kitchen gadgets are usually not an expensive item to replace but we want the most for our money. Everyone has a different situation and a different need and we all like what we like, for whatever reason. My best advice is make yourself happy whatever you choose.

Choosing stainless steel

Purchasing cookware can be a difficult decision. Stainless steel is a very durable substance and is more expensive. If you buy stainless, it should be a good quality product. Stainless steel will not rust or corrode. A high quality stainless steel, if used properly will last a lifetime.
Stainless Steel can withstand a higher heat than non-stick so it will cook faster but, you need to realize that you cannot just leave it, you usually have to be attentive or your meal can be ruined very quickly. If you like to sear your meats and make sauces and gravies from renderings, you need stainless steel, You can’t do this with non-stick.

In order to cook with stainless steel you need to use lots of butter or oil to prevent the food from sticking. Some people don’t like this,as they feel it is unhealthy. If you do not use enough butter, etc, your food will stick and burn, therefore your project will be ruined.

Just about all professionals use high quality stainless steel but cooking is their job. Cooking with stainless steel can be a challenge and needs patience and practice. If you can afford it and want a challenge, then stainless steel will work for you.

Be sure to read all the manufactures recommendations before you start cooking your first meal. It will save you some gray hairs.

Choosing non-stick

Non-stick is completely opposite of stainless steel. You can buy high quality for less money. Of course, there are choices to consider in a wide range of prices.
As you know non-stick is a coating, which makes it necessary for you use either wooden, silicone or non-stick utensils. If you don’t, you will scratch the surface and the pan will be ruined. Once the non-stick has been broken, the pan is unsafe.


With non-stick your pans will do just what it says, the food won’t stick, therefore clean up is easy. Cooking is also easier, because you don’t have to be as attentive as with stainless steel. Your cooking will take a little longer because you cannot use high heat.

You cannot sear your meats, so you will not have renderings for gravies and sauces. If these are foods you like to cook, purchase a stainless steel pan for that purpose.

When choosing any cookware, price can be a factor. Anodized (coating) pans are very popular and the price is reasonable. Your personal preference will the deciding factor.

When it is time to buy kitchen gadgets that are non-stick, I believe a better quality will save you money in the long run. They are less apt to scratch or stick and won’t need to be replaced.

Many people are concerned that non- stick is unsafe. Studies have shown they are safe unless you overheat them to a temperature of around 500 degrees. Since we don’t know how high the temperature is, it is recommended that you never heat an empty pan. It is also recommended that if you burn the pan, do not use it again as it could be unsafe. If you follow the manufactures instructions, you should not encounter any problems.

Choosing silicone vs non-stick gadgets (utensils)

When it is time to buy kitchen gadgets, with so many people buying non-stick, you can buy silicone or non-stick in just about every item there is. Some gadgets will not come in silicone but the ones you while cooking will usually be either. Items that have to very sturdy will not come in silicone for obvious reasons.

Silicone gadgets are made from a soft, pliable rubber- like substance, which is safe for us to use. Non-stick cookware requires that you use either silicone or non-stick or wooden .

Non-stick gadgets are made from metal with a hard non-stick coating. You will need to check the quality of these item. The cheaper ones may crack and peel leaving them unusable. Metal handles can rust or get pits in them. Non-stick can be very durable if you buy a better quality product.

Both silicone and non-stick are dishwasher safe. Both are safe for use during the cooking process. The heat from cooked food will not harm either.

When you are ready to choose, the choice of either, silicone or non- stick, is not a bad choice as long as it will make cooking fun and easier for you.

Wooden utensils are great if that is your choice. Your options will be much more limited.


When you are ready to make your purchase, there are many choices. The best choice is the one that works for you and your situation. Knowing your options will help you learn how to buy the kitchen gadgets you want and need.

There are pros and cons for every item on the market so before you invest your money remember to buy what you can afford and what will give you the best quality for your money. Remember when you buy kitchen gadgets, which can include cookware, buy what makes cooking fun for you.

Cooking can be a chore but you can make it into a fun experience. Make educated choices so that it is enjoyable.

Any questions, please ask. All comments are welcome.






About me

Welcome to gadgets for all kitchens.


I have always enjoyed the many gadgets that are available for the kitchen.

As a working mother of three, it was not always easy to fix a meal in a limited amount of time. My husband enjoyed buying things for the kitchen that made my life easier. He was responsible for my interest in gadgets.

We didn’t always have a lot of money so I was grateful for those gifts that made cooking a pleasing experience. Not only did the gadgets make cooking more fun, but also saved us money.

One of my favorite pastimes is looking at kitchen gadgets. New, useful and fun items are appearing all the time to make cooking more fun and less time consuming.



I enjoy the help that I have gotten from my kitchen gadgets over the years so I want to pass the information that I have learned on to others. Like most items today, it is necessary to be informed about what you are buying.

If I can make someones life easier and more enjoyable that will be my pleasure.


My goal is to inform the men and women that are responsible for cooking the family meals of the gadgets that can make this task easier. I hope to make cooking simpler and more fun, along with saving them money.

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