Must have kitchen gadgets-setting up your kitchen

Helpful hints for the must have kitchen gadgets that will make cooking more efficient and more fun.

Gadgets can save you money as they make cooking more efficient. There are gadgets that we really must have to start a kitchen and there are gadgets that just make cooking fun.

Some of you will be able to spend more money on setting up your kitchen than others but you will find there are gadgets for every budget. You don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy cooking. The important thing is to enjoy what you have. Be happy.

Let’s start setting up the kitchen

First of all, set up a budget because you can very easily spend more money than you intended.

Once your budget is in place start with the items that are necessary.

You will have to have cookware (pots & pans). These are items that can break your budget if you are not careful. Choose the ones that will fit your needs.

Next on the list is tableware. This includes plates and flatware. The cookware come in many pretty colors and so does tableware. Everything can be one color or if you wish, you can mix and match. Flatware, (knives & forks) can also be matched. If you are not into color, you can still go for white.

We can’t forget glassware. If you have children I suggest you find pretty plastic ware, which is durable (saves broken glasses) and you can find colors to match everything else.

There are many choices today that can brighten our kitchens. Let’s have fun with this and most of all be happy.

Must have gadgets

There are tons of gadgets for the kitchen. A lot of them are really necessary for an efficient kitchen but a lot of them are not. Today I am going to list the ones that I think are necessary.

  • A spatula is good for many things. You can use it as a turner when frying food such as eggs. It can be used as a server for cake or pie. I believe it is one off the most versatile gadgets in my kitchen. It a good idea to have silicone or coated gadgets as most of your pans will be non-stick.
  • Slotted spoon is excellent for dipping items removing something from boiling water. It is also good for stirring.
  • Solid spoon is an all-purpose gadget good for any stirring project or can be used as a serving spoon. I have different sizes because pots and pans and bowls are not all the same size.
  • Whisk is good for whipping just about anything. They come in different sizes but a medium size will work for most projects.
  • Oven mitt- there are different ones but make sure it is not going to burn through.
  • Kitchen shears-make sure you get a good grade (they are not really expensive) because you will find you use them a lot.
  • Manuel Can opener- even if you have an electric one- there is always the possibility of a power outage. ( I live in Florida)
  • Several sizes of knives-There are not many projects in a kitchen that do not require a knife. Since every project is different it takes knives of different sizes.
  • Measuring cup- you will be surprised how many times you use it. Most recipes have ingredients that have to be measured. They also come in many colors. Some people prefer glass but they do come in metal and plastic. Your preference is what you need to purchase.
  • Measuring spoons are necessary the same as measuring cups. They also come in all the colors. Again metal, glass or plastic, which ever one is your personal preference.
  • Mixing bowls are something that you need to have, They are multipurpose bowls. They can be used for mixing and also for serving. You can find them in all the color if you buy the durable plastic one. They come in glass also but they will probably be clear but that will work with your colors.
  • Electric hand held mixer-you will find that even if you have a stand mixer, you will need to have a hand held one for the convenience. The small jobs are much easier with type of mixer.
  • Cheese grater-this is basically an all-purpose grater but it is called a cheese grater, You can grate anything that you need to.
  • Toaster-even tho this is not really a gadget, a toaster is a necessary item for the kitchen. They also come in many sizes and colors so it really personal preference.

Most of these items come in a variety of color and prices. Research is you answer. Find the one that you will give you the most benefit. This covers the basics so you can get started.

Have fun and enjoy cooking, it can be fun to see what you create.

Expanding beyond the must have.

There are many, many kitchen gadgets that listing them all would be way beyond reality. Here is a list of a few item that will enhance your cooking experience.

  • Blender-a blender is a multi-purpose item. What you decide to buy Is a decision that depends on your needs and your budget. They can be just a juicer or a multi-purpose item.
  • Food processor-There again there are many choices. They are a very handy gadget to have. Decide what you are going to be using it for, them decide which one is your best choice.
  • Deep fryer-A fryer is a useful item if you like fried food. There are also choices, single or double baskets. The choice you make will depend on your need.
  • Microwave-This item comes in many sizes so check them out and decide what works for you.
  • Egg Cooker-if you use boiled eggs often, this is a gadget for you.
  • Instant-pot- This is a versatile cooking concept. The is an electric pot that make cooking faster.
  • Slow cooker- A slow cooker is great for having meals ready when you return home from a busy day. A slow cooker also comes in different sizes and colors.
  • Coffee Maker-if you like just coffee or if you like varsity there is a coffee maker for you.

Just the tip of the iceberg

This article has only touched the tip of the iceberg, there are tons of gadgets, far too many to mention. Enjoy searching for the right item for your needs. Have as much fun with it as I do but if it isn’t fun but has to be done , hopefully this article will help.

I have covered a few of the items I think are needed for the kitchen and some that we think we have to have. Kitchen gadgets can be must have gadgets or the can be helpful item that we buy to make our lives easier.


I hope this information will help you decide what you must have and what we can get over time. I have enjoyed my kitchen gadgets over the years, I have all the necessary gadgets but I have accumulated, over time, many of the gadgets that are just fun to have.

Enjoy cooking. Kitchen gadgets will save you time and money.

The most important thing is Be Happy and enjoy what you are doing.

Feedback is welcome and appreciated.



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