Compare Coffee Makers Review-Look How They Have Evolved.

In today’s world, coffee is the way many people start the day. Many others drink multiple cups throughout the day. Since it is such an important part of daily life for so many people, I decided to compare coffee makers to see what makes them different.

As far as the brands are concerned, there are so many it would be hard to list each one. I am going to show you the different coffee makers and how they work.


This coffee maker is like the one people used before the 1970 when the automatic drip pot came on the market. The coffee was made by cycling boiling water through the grounds by gravity, until the desired strength was achieved.

If you compare coffee makers of today, this one would not be in the running.This type of pot is popular with outdoor campers because they can make coffee either on a camp stove or open fire. I can remember my Mom using this type of pot and it took a long time to convince her to us an electric pot.

Electric Coffee Maker-

This type of coffee maker in reality, is a percolator that is electric rather than stove top. They work in the same way but the water is boiled by a heating element built into the coffee pot.

There are several models of this coffee pot and they are still quite popular today, which is a surprise. Fans of this coffee pot believe it makes a better cup of coffee.

The next type of electric coffee maker is,( just for example), Mr. Coffee. This model has a glass carafe that sits on a warmer. There is a swing away door near the top that opens for the filter. You put the amount of coffee into the filter, shut the door and open the lid on top of the pot where the water goes. You will be able to measure the water with the carafe. Turn on the switch, water goes through coffee and into the carafe. Not a lot of mess as the filter holds the ground and are thrown away.

This model of coffee maker is still very popular partly because it is cheaper than some of the newer coffee makers of today.

French Press-

These coffee makers are affordable and easy to use If you like your coffee stronger this may be for you. The french press is known for making stronger than usual coffee. The way it works is, you have your coffee press and coarsely ground coffee. Put the coffee into the container, add boiling water, let set for 3 or 4 minutes, put lid on, which is the press and push to the bottom.

There are several models meaning you can find different features that you may or may not need. A simple one is a glass container with a lid that is the press.

Some models come with a frother so you can froth (which means make it bubbly) milk for your coffee, or to blend hot chocolate.

Single Cup Coffee Makers-

There are different models of this type of coffee maker. What it means is, you can put a coffee pod into the machine and make a single cup of coffee. Most have different size cup settings so you can make it weaker or stronger, plus you can buy a variety of cups that have milder or stronger flavors.

Kuerig is the best known name in single cup machines and k-cups are the best known cups but there are others out there. The closest to Kuerig is Ninja and Cuisinart. All three have good rating. I believe you need to compare coffee pots to find the one you feel will be the best for you. This Kuerig is available at Amazon

Coffee Bars-

The Ninja brewer allows you to brew as much as you want using any of the 5 brew methods in all sizes for either a single cup or carafe. It also has a built-in milk frother and heating plate.

This one has more flexibility compared to the other machines. I only used ninja as an example of what a coffee bar is compared to a coffee maker. There are several other manufactures that have good quality coffee bars.

Espresso Maker

What is espresso? It is a strong black coffee made by forcing steam through ground coffee which is a blend of several types of coffee beans from different countries. You can use regular coffee in an Espresso Machine but it will not be the same.

You will not be able to make espresso in your regular pot. There are dual makers so that you can have coffee or espresso using one machine.


Coffee pots to coffee maker plus. When you look back, it is hard to compare coffee pots to the coffee makers of today. You can get specialty coffee at a coffee shop but since we live very busy lives, it is sometimes more convenient to have a specialty machine at home. The come in many models, sizes and shapes, but when you compare coffee makers of today and coffee pots of years ago most of them have the same basic concept. You need a way of running the water through the coffee to get drinkable coffee. I am not a fan of specialty coffee so I use my single cup machine and I am very happy. For those of you that like to enjoy that special cup of coffee, there are many choices.

If you are looking for a new coffee pot or coffee maker, you will have lots of options. I hope I have helped you with a few of your questions but If I can answer any other questions, please feel free to ask.

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