Calphalon Cookware Review-50 Years and still growing

  • Product: Calphalon Premier Space saving non-stick cookware
  • Price: $649.99
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  • Manufacturer Warranty
  • Set Includes: 8″ fry pan, 10″ fry pan, 12″ fry pan, 2.5 qt saucepan with lid, 3.5 qt saucepan with lid, 4.5 qt soup pan with lid, 3 qt saute pan with lid, 5 qt saute use with lid, 8 qt stockpots with lid

Calphalon was created by a small company in Toledo, Ohio, where they are still today. They manufactured commercial cookware in the beginning but when they developed the process of hard anodizing (50% stronger than stainless steel) in the 1960’s they named it calphalon. Over the years they have been a leader in the cookware industry.

Calphalon Cookware is made from durable hard anodized aluminum and is FDA approved. The non-stick coating does have PTFE (Polyetrafluoroethylene) which is used to create the corrosion resistant, non-stick coating. If you this is a concern for you it can be researched at As noted above, it is FDA approved.

This cookware is stackable in any order saving up to 30% storage space. The lids are flat tempered glass which make them durable and dishwasher safe and they are designed to make this set stackable. The aluminum handles stay cool during cooking. I can say this true as I have a set of Calphalon Cookware.

Calphalon Cookware is a little heavier than some other products out there but the are more durable. The weight of the pots and pans is approximately 3 – 5 pounds.

It does not matter what type of cooking stove you have. This cookware will work with gas, electric or glass top. You just have to adjust to you method of heat. These pots and pans are designed to distribute heat evenly so your food will cook evenly. It is always good to read the manufacturers instructions.

Any type of utensils can be used. Even though they say this, I personal only use silicone or Teflon coated. They are scratch resistant but why take a chance by using metal.

In addition to the set described above, Calphalon has smaller, non stackable, non-stick sets but if your storage space is limited and you want astackable set the 15 pc is what you need.

Calphalon has a stainless steel line of cookware that is not non-stick but of high quality steel. Check this cookware out at

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