Blender or Juicer Review-Which One Do You Need and Why


If you look up either blender or juicer you will find many models for each one. The decision is hard. The question is do I need a blender or do I need a juicer. A blender can be a multi-purpose gadget but the juicer cannot.

When looking, you will also find that the prices range from very expensive to considerably cheaper. Some blenders will come with attachments and others won’t. Maybe I can leave you with a little insight to what makes them different.

The dictionary definition of a blender:

An electric culinary grinding and mixing appliance, consisting of a container with propeller like blades at the bottom that are whirled by a high-speed motor to purée, chop, or mix foods.

What does this mean ?

It means that a blender is usually designed for food preparation and will not do anything other than what it says,purée, chop, or mix foods. This was true in the beginning but over time they have evolved. You can still buy a simple blender that will do what the dictionary says but it doesn’t stop there.

There are high-powered blenders that can do just about anything you want it to, including crushing ice and frozen fruit. These blenders can also be used as juicers.

The dictionary definition of a juicer

An appliance for extracting juice from fruit and vegetables.

What does this mean?

It means that basically a juicer can be used to make juices by extracting the juices from fruit and vegetables and separating the pulp from the juice to make healthy drinks. A juicer cannot really be used for other things.

Juicing makes the fruit and vegetables into liquid and a more enjoyable drunk because you get non of the pulp. Some experts believe you should have the pulp as our bodies need the fiber.

They do have some that are high-powered enough to crush ice in your mixture.


Deciding which one, do I need a blender?

Before buying a blender or juicer, you need to decide if you only want to make healthy drinks from fresh fruits and vegetables or do you want to have a blender that can also be a juicer.

Price may be a factor in your decision as blenders/juicers can be more expensive. If you only want a blender for helping to prepare food for a meal you can find one at a reasonable price that will serve you well.

Blending is the process of using fruits and vegetables to make a healthy drink. The fruit and vegetables are put into the bender and completely blended until they are of a thick consistency, usually called a smoothie. With a blender you get all the nutrients from the ingredients. Some experts believe this is better for you because of the pulp in the drink.

If you want a blender that will crush ice, chop nuts, and nearly everything else, you will find those that have up to 1200 watts of power, which means it is pretty powerful. Some will come with a food processor attachment and an attachment to become a juicer. These type of blenders will be more expensive but will do more. The cleanup of a blender is more difficult as you have to be very careful as the blades are very sharp.

Deciding Which One, Do I need a Juicer?

Juicers are great for making the fresh healthy drinks so many people are drinking today. The biggest difference between a blender or juicer is what they can do. A juicer is excellent for making a healthy drink, but the cleanup can be a process as there are several parts to clean and the tiny teeth in the extractor can make it difficult to get the pulp out. Many people who have purchased the juicer end up not juicing because of the cleanup.

There are several brands of juicers on the market. If you plan to use it often, I would suggest you invest a little more and get a better one. The old saying, you get what you pay for will apply here.

People are juicing today because it is a healthier lifestyle. There are many books on the benefits of juicing.

The conclusion

Today we are all trying to live healthier lifestyles for longer and healthier lives. Smoothies and Juices are becoming more and more popular, In order to do either, you have to either have a blender or juicer. The one you decide on will be a matter of choice.

The blender can do other things and you can buy them with juicer attachments. Juicers are used for juicing. If you only want to make healthy juices, then a juicer will work very well for you. If you want a gadget that can do multiple duties, you will be happier with a blender.

Blenders can have a lot of extras, but if you are not going to need them, it is better to buy a simpler, less expensive one.

Remember, when you make your purchase, choose the gadget that will serve your needs the best. Take into consideration all the pros and cons of each and then make a decision.

A little Bonus

Blackberry and Yogurt Breakfast Smoothie

2 Servings

Prep time 10 mins

1 banana

2 cups (packed) spinach leaves

1 cup frozen blackberries

1 cup nonfat yogurt

1/2 cup fresh orange juice

1 teaspoon finely grated peeled ginger

1 teaspoon honey or light agave syrup (nectar)

Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Divide between glasses; serve immediately.

Simple but very healthy

This is a smoothie so a blender is needed.

Thanks for reading my article. Enjoy either a blender or juicer, they are both great kitchen gadgets.

Comments and questions are welcomed and appreciated. If you have a question, I will get back to you as soon as possible.


15 thoughts on “Blender or Juicer Review-Which One Do You Need and Why”

  1. could I take a bakackberry and yoghurt smoothie to go please! 

    I really enjoyed reading your post and that recipe is on my shopping list by the way!  I have always chosen a blender over a juicer for two reasons.

    First I didn’t like the taste of the juice. It seemed to taste different than if you blended it.

    Secondly as you mentioned it was just too messy for me.

    In the mornings i blend my fruit and oats with yogurt and rinse the jug and I’m done. For me this fits my limited rule and I think that plays a part when choosing which to have as well?

  2. I was always wondering whether a juicer or blender is better, but honestly, after reading your article, I realized that I actually need both. I do love the thicknessof the smoothies I make in my blender, but sometimes I am not in the mood for that thick consistency, but I want the nutrition, so I feel like the juicer would be a great option for those times, or for friends who don’t like the thick consistency of the smoothies.  I agree that you really need to get a good one.  I’ve had cheaper blenders and then I upgraded, and boy could I tell the difference.

    Great info, thanks,


    1. Hi Babs,Thanks for reading my article. The two definitely have different jobs, so if you like the juice without the pulp than you need the juicer.   

  3. Hey Carolyn, 

    I’ve been contemplating on this answer for years! I have both a blender and a juicer but sometimes when I’m lazy, I just blend in fruits and vegetables into my blender and on another day, the juicer. The blender’s quite heavy-duty so it wasn’t damaged but it doesn’t squeeze in the juice as well as the juicer though.

    Still, would the nutrients be more when we blend rather than juice since we tend to throw away the husk and skin when juicing?

    1. Hi Riaz,

      Thanks for reading my article. The answer to your question is yes. Since you put all of the fruit and vegetable in the blender you get all the nutrients the fruit and vegetables have to offer. The juicer squeezes the juice from the fruit and vegetables and leaves the pulp behind.  People who promote juicing will say you can add protein and supplements to the juice to make it just as healthy.

  4. This is a great explanation of blenders and juicers that will clear up deciding factors for a lot of people. I actually have one of each, but have yet to use my juicer because I find the blender more useful and I don’t mind the pulp and skins in my drinks.

    I am looking for a new blender though.  Do you recommend any?  I want something that is reasonably priced.  

    That smoothie looks delicious! I can’t wait to try it once I get a new blender 🙂

    1. Hi Nicki V

      Thanks for the comments. I own a ninja with all the attachments which I love. I don’t use the attachments so I would say if you buy a ninja,just get the blender unless you want the other things. I have an Oster blender that is about forty year old but still works just fine.

  5. Hi Carolyn, how are you?

    I do have a nice and expensive blander that my husband gave me. Is one these NINJA blender. The blender is kind magic; we can put anything in, cold or hot and it do the job.

    One the thinks I love to puree on the blender is garlic. I take a bunch of peeling freash garlic with vegetable oil or olive oil, and blended until become a beutyful white puree and put into jars, keeping refigerated for long time. I give to a friends a jar or two as gift as well and they love. Everytime I need to cook with garlic, I tank my blender for make my life so much easy.

    I agree with you, the hard part is the clean up; no only for a juicer, but for a blander as well. It come with so much parts that sometimes I don’t know what to do with them or where to put. They make look so easy on tv when comes to clean up.

    You are absolutelly right when you say that we got whats we buy.

    Cheers for your success


  6. Easy and well explained what the differences are between a blender and a juicer, as I think many people don’t always know.

    Me, I’m more of a blender guy as every morning I prepare myself a healthy smoothie which gets me through the morning. Thanks for cool recipe, which looks tasty. Will definitely try it out!

  7. Great post. I use my blender more than my juicer. I use my blender for green drinks and other food prep.
    I do like my juicer because I can just cut up an apple and it juices it without having to peel it.

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